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    For a limited time only, try 2 of our wonderful specialty coffees at an all in price of $41 + free shipping.  Pick and try any 2lbs from our 5 fantastic selections.

    Our coffees are the finest and freshest in the world!  Buying from Gold Star is Factory Direct, we roast these specialty coffees every single day in small batches.  Your coffee is always roasted fresh the day it is shipped.


    The world's finest blend consisting of Africa's top coffees, "KEY" Kenya, Ethiopia & Yemen.  mmmMocha, a true representation of what Africa has to offer.  This wonderful coffee creates a balance of soft spice, smooth body & a slight berry aroma.


    Dark Roasted coffees from Kenya, Colombia and Guatemala.  Blended together to give you the perfect rich and flavorful brew of dark roasted coffee.

    Mocha Java

    The world's oldest coffee blend.  The dutch took an exotic, Arabian coffee and gave it more body by blending it with coffee from their plantations in Java.  Together they create a balance of soft spice, smooth body and a slight berry aroma.

    Yauco Selecto AA

    This special and rare coffee of Puerto Rico is considered one of the finest coffees of the world and offers a full-bodied experience with an arresting after taste.

    Colombia S.W. Decaf

    Colombia's best coffee decaffeinated using the ultra modern Swiss Water process to virtually eliminate all of the caffeine without sacrificing the coffee's natural taste characteristics.


    • Fire Roasted
    • Hand Crafted
    • Artisan Prepared
    • 100 Year Tradition
    • Roasted Fresh Every Day
    • Ultra Premium Quality 

    Weight: 2 x 1lb (16oz) Fresh Pack

    Roast: Medium / City Roast (mmmMidnight - Dark Roast)


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