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  • Perk Up - High Caffeine Coffee (Fair Trade / Organic Certified)


    This coffee will perk you up!

    We selected the finest tasting coffee beans with the highest consistent natural caffeine content and flash roasted them to a rich city roast. Then we add a natural extract to elevate the amount of caffeine per cup.

    This coffee does taste great and has a higher level of caffeine that will perk you up!
    Works better than an energy drink and you don't have to add sugar.

    Caffeine content of different coffee

    12 oz Starbucks (Brewed) -  220 mg  
    12 oz Tim Hortons (Drip) - 168 mg
    12 oz Duncan Donuts (Drip) - 152 mg
    12 0z McDonalds (Drip)  - 110 mg 
    12 oz Maxwell House (Drip) - 138 mg
    12 oz Folgers  (Drip) - 148 mg 
    12 oz Gold Star Colombian - 160 mg

    12 oz Perk Up - (Drip) - 262 mg 
    120z Perk Up - (Brewed) - 408 mg

    Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic Certified, Shade Grown Coffee


    • Fire Roasted
    • Hand Crafted
    • Artisan Prepared
    • 100 Year Tradition
    • Roasted Fresh Every Day
    • Ultra Premium Quality  

    Weight: 1lb (16oz) Fresh Pack
    Roast: Medium / City Roast


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