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  • ORGANIC Custom Combo Coffee Pack - 10lb


    Choose from either Peru Penachi, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Bolivian Colonial, Sumatra Takengon, mmmMocha - FT Organic, mmmMidnight - FT - Organic & Peru Swiss Water Decaf FT Organic.

    10 - 1 lb. Fresh Packs.  Sealed immediately after roasting in the finest packaging with a one way degassing valve and a seal of authenticity.  Keep some for yourself and give some away as a gift.

    This is "The real McCoy".  Masterly roasted in small batches as it's ordered to ensure optimum freshness.  The roasting profile is a "City Roast".  This is a deep shade of brown and the optimal roast for an origin coffee.  This is not considered a dark roast.  You taste the full origin qualities and characteristics of the coffee and not the roast itself.

    Our coffees are the finest and freshest in the world!  Buying from Gold Star is Factory Direct, we roast this exotic coffee every single day in small batches.  Your coffee is always roasted fresh the day it is shipped.

    Peru Penachi

    Bright and lively, with good acidity and medium body.  It has a pleasant sweet finish with hints of caramel.

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe comes from the Sidamo region in Eastern Ethiopia.  A striking, well balanced cup with sweet acidity.

    Bolivian Colonial

    A bright, aromatically sweet tasting coffee with a hint of mild chocolate and nuts

     Sumatra Takengon

    Full of body with a sweet finish. Sip it slowly and you may even find soft fruity notes.

    Peru Swiss Water Decaf - Fair Trade Organic

    Peru's best coffee decaffeinated using the ultra modern Swiss Water process to virtually eliminate all the caffeine without sacrificing the coffee’s natural taste characteristics.

     mmmMocha - Fair Trade Organic

    The world’s finest blend consisting of Africa’s top three, “KEY” Kenya, Ethiopia & Yemen.  mmmMocha, a true representation of what Africa has to offer.  This wonderful coffee creates a balance of soft spice, deep rich & floral with notes of cocoa.

    mmmMidnight - Fair Trade Organic

    We’ve taken coffees from Kenya, Colombia & Guatemala and roasted them precisely together to a dark roast.  Once blended together, these beans give you the perfect rich and flavorful brew of dark roasted coffee with hints of


    • Fire Roasted
    • Hand Crafted
    • Artisan Prepared
    • 100 Year Tradition
    • Roasted Fresh Every Day
    • Ultra Premium Quality

    Weight: 10 x 1lb Fresh Pack
    Roast: Medium / City Roast


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