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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Green Unroasted

    *Green* Grade 1 Jamaican Blue Mountain PeaBerry Coffee Beans.

    ***These beans are unroasted for home roasters.***

    This is a rare find for true coffee enthusiasts!  Pea berries look different from beans as only one grows inside a coffee cherry rather then two.  Some say that the flavor that is shared with two beans is now concentrated into one.

    The worlds most expensive coffee due to the rare availability and complete flavor. Grown in a small region with rich soil, cool misty evenings and altitudes of up to 7400 feet gives this the rarest of coffees a subtle sweetness combined with an elegant structured body that dances over your tongue.

    • Ultra Premium Quality
    • Cupped by Masters
    • Fine Roasting

    Weight: 1lb


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