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50th - 100% Hawaiian Coffee - Kona, Maui & Kaui Pea Berry - Low Acid Coffee


The legend is BLACK.

Specialty coffee uniquely roasted with a milder open flame for a longer period of time.  Gold Star Coffee - BLACK is specially roasted for those who drink it black.  A bold yet balanced cup with smooth sweetness, a fruity acidity (the brightness of the coffee's taste) and clean finish.

Exclusive coffees for an exquisite experience!

The best of Hawaii brought together to bring you one powerful cup of coffee.

We took the three elite Hawaiians: Kona, Maui & Kauai Pea Berry and masterfully roasted them together.  This combination results in a smooth, light & fruity cup of coffee with hints of spiced nuts.


  • Fire Roasted
  • Hand Crafted
  • Artisan Prepared
  • 100 Year Tradition
  • Roasted Fresh Every Day
  • Ultra Premium Quality 

Weight: 1lb (16oz) Fresh Pack

Roast: City Roast


Gold Star Coffee
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